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We have been busy doing :- various websites :- design and coding, office moves , downsizing, upsizing, phone system installations, data recovery , networking, NAS installations, Win10 CAD PC setup, multi-screen computer installations, laptop installs, remote access software to enable Working from Home, company startups, company close downs, planned maintenance ... just normal stuff in the life of IT geeks...

We have recently relaunched / created twelve customers' websites including this website, tweaking tags and re-optimizing for search engine awareness.
Time has told that this has increased traffic and business generated by being more 'visible'..
Setting up Google Analytics to produce monthly site stats is easily done.
Reports are automatically emailed to both customer's and Simbius to show trends & enable more efforts to be targetted if identified.

We have been working with customers in the center of London, in the Broadcast and Media industries. This has been an ongoing collaboration with .
Shh - don't mention helping identify and relocate computers from the old BBC TV Centre !

Simbius has been on the edge of an exciting new Cloud based project has started to be sold off as a product, ongoing with customers...

We have been supporting customers using various ADSL providers who have caused issues, who know who they are and aren't named here; these have now been migrated to Zen Internet , with minimum disruption to service, and it all just works.
Zen support is exactly what one wants, when needed.

4G and 5G mobile broadband is becoming financially viable, and fast enough to enable significant cost saving... Presuming the carrier contention ratio is OK...





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