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  We can devise innovative & ingenious & imaginative solutions for obscure problems; e.g. when you want a wiper mechanism for the webcam mounted watching a building growing over a year...
 Given decades of experience and real world knowledge, it is possible to re-engineer any problem into a useable functional solution, ie we can fix anything... from first principles.

 We recommend you buy computers and equipment direct, to cut out any of the warranty issues through us.
 This saves you any mark up, and lessens needless paperwork. We can fully specify the order on your behalf, and will chase up any issues for you.

 Our highly skilled, enthusiastic, staff know about how-to resolve wireless issues, in Grade2 listed buildings, new-build foil insulated homes or the 200ft between two office buildings (with a road inbetween).

 We can liase with Internet Service Providers, BT, third party phone companies, electricians, decorators; anyone else relating to installing / running the computer and or AV technology in your home / office.

 Computers still need 'servicing' regularly, depending on usage. Updates, Defrag, Scandisk, cleaning Temp and Cache out, Malware scans can and should be done without needing IT Support, but failure to login or start / boot up needs advice before any more damage is done. (Yes newer Operating Systems now do lots of this... but not always...)
Any computer on the floor - with carpet dust & fluff; will need cleaning - it gets into heat sinks and fans and can damage a computer if excessive...

Cyber Security; Backup, disaster planning, recovery, what-if - all this planning and documentation needs doing - and is required by some business insurance policies - we can help.

Some summary points of what we do :- ( in absolutely no particular order )
  1)   Fixing Computers - hardware and software issues. From first principles. Data Recovery.
  2)   Servers / Company Networks - maintaining, upgrading, cabling, ongoing proactive support.
  3)   Broadband - ADSL and wireless issues resolved, we recommend Zen Internet.
  4)   Domestic & Business - Vat Registered.
  5)   Fixed Price - whenever possible a fixed price is quoted.
  6)   Laptop fault diagnosis, assessment and repair / replacement advice.
  7)   Computer recycling, wiping, repair, repurposing, rebuilding; for reuse / reusing, by charities & good causes etc.
  8)   Electronics: engineering - design of custom stuff to do specfic jobs.
  9)   Projects - managenent, office moves, co-ordination with third parties, ADSL providers, phone companies.
 10)   Emergency Response, same day, onsite; virus / malware / ransomware events.
 11]   WebSites - advice, planning, production, proof-reading, SEO. Analytics.
 12]   Liaison - with all the technical third parties:- phone, adsl providers, etc
 14]   Internet of Things IoT setup config, update firmware, making secure as much as possible.
 15]   Audio Visual - advice, planning, installation. Preferably in detached houses, to avoid neighbour issues. :)

You can get on with your business without anxiety, knowing that all your ITC issues can be dealt with, onsite, at the scheduled time, by your Simbius account manager. They will effectively take the role of Computer Support Manager for your company, and as someone familiar with your site and business they will be someone you can contact with confidence.

Staff have a good working knowledge of :- Servers, Project Management, Wireless technology, Cyber Security, Remote user support, Mobile user support, Voice over IP, Unified communications, Hybrid networks, Virtualization, Security, Anti-Virus, Mac, iTunes, Personal Computers, tablets, iphones; the list doesn't stop.

Products worth name dropping, Apple, Blackberry, 3Com, Netgear, DLink, Nokia, Windows10, Raspberry PI, HTC, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Microsoft, XP, Splashtop, TeamViewer.
( Yes one customer still has a multi thousand pound machine running XP (not connected to the internet) to cut and bend metal sheets into boxes .)

Technologies worth name dropping:- iPhone, iOS, iPad, Windows, Unix, Linux, Ethernet, ADSL, Broadband, TCP/IP, GoToMyPC





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