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 We have developed another way of providing cover for all sizes - including micro businesses , having worked for many years in the usual, purely reactive Break-Fix environment.

 Now it is possible to carefully plan , manage and budget for your computer systems even if you do not have permanent, on-site staff. By tailoring your Information Technology infrastructure to your company requirements we will anticipate future needs and problem issues before they acquire critical mass and cause costly delays and losses. We can give you a reliable system, with complete control over how it is used. System availablity is usually critical, so any planned work (system updates and upgrades etc) can be scheduled out-of-hours, to reduce office time when staff are unable to work normally. We have experience of legacy systems, that are not cost effective to upgrade, and can source parts and maintain these equally.

 If you are self-employed , or work flexibly at home part time, you still need all your technology kept functioning in an optimal way, talking to other tech; so having someone you can call or email, to ask "how to do that", to save time doing a repetitive task in a better way... We probably know the different ways of doing it, one of which might help you from pulling your hair out!

  Domestic Support , including interfacing with TV and audio systems, cabling, wireless, broadband installations, etc; is all within our experience, and 'getting a job done well' is one of our key targets.

 Regardless of what you call it - IT, ITC, IoT, Information Technology; Computers and tablets / phones and laptops are part of everyday life, but unlike 'white goods' they require upkeep, Support, Repair & Maintenance. Every school child (and teacher) seems to need a mobile phone and tablet and home computer and internet access and a printer , to connect to the school network for homework and scheduling etc.
Companies are seeking to reduce travel time and costs by homeworking , and homeworkers require support...
Simbius can resourcefully help in all these situations ;- from sharing printers and folders at home, to specfication and delivery of a server (or Networked Attached Storage (NAS) ) and computers/laptops for small businesses...





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