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Leys Longden and Co.
As you are aware you have looking after the ICT requirements for Leys Longden and Co for just over three years. ( Actually; 15 years now )
During this time you have had to install a small business server, deal with routine updates, ICT failures/lockdowns, and general queries which have arisen from time to time.
Your service during this time has been outstanding, including for out of hours at weekends, and your ability to fix ICT things which are out of the ordinary seems remarkable.
I have also been impressed how you have been able to remote in and fix problems from a distance which is clearly cost effective for me.
I therefore have no hesitation is recommending your services to others, perhaps particularly where there might be something slightly out of the ordinary, and / or a high chance of there being something unusual / bespoke which will need technical repairs or solutions.   Jonathan Longden, Director.
Payroll Management Ltd.
My Simbius Manager has personally worked on my company's IT for six years, during which time he has always been reliable, efficient and approachable. He takes time to understand and fully appreciate the problem or requirement. He is imaginative enough to provide practical and economic solutions. If you rely on your computer systems to operate your business and require swift effective service to maintain your operation, I would recommend that you trust Simbius to safeguard your systems, in my opinion you can trust their integrity.   Paul Foster, Director.
Missenden Business Solutions Limited
When I encountered some Laptop Virus / Malware problems Peter was able to talk me through a rapid diagnosis and resolution which enabled me to meet a deadline in my business.
His knowledge and expertise, and access to useful tools to support analysis, enabled accurate diagnosis and a swift and fully effective elimination of the problem.
My thanks for a great, value-for-money service. I know where to go in the future!    Andy Mcintyre, Director.
Peter is both intelligent and articulate given to considering an issue thoroughly rather than jumping to rash conclusions. This was widely recognised by customers who would request him by name. I have no hesitation in recommending him: he is an asset to any organisation leading, or participating within, a team.   Matthew G ,   colleague.
Just a quick message to say a massive thanks for all your help today.
Everything running a lot quicker and Dragon (Dictation Software) more responsive and accurate.
Backing up didn't finish until 4pm but seems to be ok.    Mark S.
February 2022 - RIP Mark - a fine fellow.
I've hired Peter as an IT Consultant more than once. Peter is proper Engineer and if I say geek, then thats just because he is so knowledgable!
I was only able to choose 3 attributes as Peter's top qualities when I recommended him on LinkedIn - Great Results, Expert and Good Value, but Peter is so much more!
My laptop got its self a virus and Peter managed to sort it out in one day!
And he charged me a fraction of what other "IT experts" have charged me previously. I highly recommend Peter and especially recommend his fabulous work!   Iva W.
Peter displayed enthusiasm, resourcefulness and detailed knowledge of the operation at the BBC, and News in particular. He could always be relied upon to deliver quality and was ready to propose suitable solutions at any given time, and with his obvious knowledge and strong engineering background, Peter gained and held the confidence of customers, colleagues and suppliers.   Cyrus S.  BBC
My PC is fully functioning after a catastrophic failure earlier today, all thanks to Peter. Highly recommended if you need a responsive, IT professional who really cares about fixing problems for other people. Again I say Peter produces Great Results, because he is an Expert, and is exceptionally Good Value!   Alison G.
Peter has given excellent IT support and detailed explanations to allow me to develop and design my own web site. He is thorough and fully conversant with the requirements and understands the background to any computer and hosting needs. He has also corrected defects in our computer systems so that they now run efficiently. I fully recommend Peter for all computer related consultancy requirements. He is an Expert, he's Good Value, and he has High Integrity!   Ruby S.
Peter is always professional about his work, keeping up to date with developments within his field. He is very self-motivated and capable of original thought when problem solving. A useful member of any team.   Paul S.  BBC
Peter is an excellent Engineer and can put his hand to most engineering tasks.
Great expert with setting up Servers, Computers and fine tuning them. A good technical asset to any IT department. Peter used to work for the BBC and we regularly meet at our local Executive meetings.   Gene Da R.
We thought you were wonderful - the IT man we've spent our lives looking for and never found, until now!
***** will be going through your very useful e-mail which is a helpful reference point for the IT in the house and will doubtless want to give you a call about one or two things.    Mike E.





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