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 We can help author and create websites , as points of presence on the internet, advertising your company.

 Artistic assistance is available to guide through the process of making it look right, spelt right, and conveying the correct themed message through the whole site.
We have taken over websites after previous authoring /support companies have ceased trading.
'Branding' advice can be given , to establish a new startup company name, across the internet, so your brand name can be googled successfully .
 We offer an updating / range-checking / proof-reading service , on your present existing website, to just make minor changes, add metatags, update parts of pages etc. to just keep your internet appearance relevant . Ask for a quote .
 * We could add a 'News' page to keep your customers informed, and are happy to discuss feasibilty of any other ideas you have !
 * We can supply details of websites written - both business and charity sites - on demand.
 * We can startup and handover a website to you to continue updating yourself if required.
 * or we can update your website same day, if you wish us to.
 * We know how to minimise both startup and ongoing costs, by using appropriate scaleable hosting for your needs.
 * Incoming phone numbers for business card / advertising can be arranged for no cost, to take messages and email them direct to you.
 *  Zen Internet are our preferred Business ISP for broadband, domain names can be registered cheaply with 1and1, and Free Hosting is possible if you know where (subject to conditions).

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